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Our scratchcard poem series is growing.

Try your luck, scratch to reveal poems

and win book prizes! 



New Limited Edition Print | UK  (+)


Online Exhibition | UK  (+)


Winning Gallery | UK  (+)

Poem Atlas is an exhibition platform and publisher founded by poet and artist Astra Papachristodoulou. This platform exists to connect people to the transformative power of visual poetry, a form of poetry that poetry that presupposes a viewer as well as a reader. This initiative aims to achieve this by showcasing poets and text artists from diverse backgrounds in the UK and beyond, through physical and online exhibitions, anthologies, books and objects. 


To date, we have curated events in the UK and beyond including The Poetry Society, the Art Park Gallery, the Winning Gallery and The Westminster Reference Library, and have showcased work from over 100 new and established poets from around the world. We also started the tradition of online visual poetry exhibitions in December 2019, and have curated several successful online exhibitions since. As Poem Atlas is the first ever exhibition platform in London to focus on tactile poetry, the project is aimed to poets who are interested to expand their knowledge of visual poetry.


Follow us on Twitter @poematlas and Instagram @poem.atlas to stay up to date with our exciting exhibitions.

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