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11 - 25 September 2023


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This online exhibition celebrates the vibrant work that was produced by women poets as part of the Summer 2023 Poetry School course, 'Sculpting Language: Women making visual poetry', led by Astra Papachristodoulou.


Using Amanda Earl’s celebrated Judith

anthology as a springboard, the course that accompanied this exhibition brought together multiple visual poetries and hands-on techniques to make connections between diverse interdisciplinary women practitioners and their works. Through the discussion of relevant materials, the course engaged with the following questions: What is a sculptural poem? What can a poem in this mode tell us about one’s environment or, more specifically, our shared material landscape? In what ways do tactile encounters widen our understanding of visual poetry? 


This online exhibition features some new and regular Poem Atlas contributors including Diana Brighouse, Rosie Copeland, Emma Filtness, Jill Jones, Maddy, Vicky McKay, Sophie Mills and Magret PeperThe contributors responded to a series of writing prompts that involved approaches such as erasure poetry, collage and game poetry, but also considered sculptural literature as a form that can highlight the multi-dimensionality of female tactile encounters.

With thanks to Andy Parkes, Nazrene Hanif and Jazmine Ward at the Poetry School for their support throughout the Sculpting Language visual poetry course.

Curated by Astra Papachristodoulou. 

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