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“Auditioning for Poem Atlas is a very modern myth, deftly, told, beautifully funny, a triumph of art over ennui”

"As we cross live to Mount Olympus, we find the gods listless, eternally bored in a way their usual pursuits (horticulture, entomology, toying wantonly with the affairs of man) can’t address. Even Apollo, having presumably exhausted all the settings on his Casio synthesiser, is feeling it. The gods need a new kind of poetry and a new kind of poet. Fortunately, Astra Papachristodoulou and John Kilburn are on hand to guide the recruitment process. Auditioning for Poem Atlas is a very modern myth, deftly told, beautifully funny, a triumph of art over ennui. Astra’s poised, pared words and John’s elegant, oblique images go together like Zeus and Hera, without the bad bits. Don’t wait until the afterlife to read Auditioning for Poem Atlas. They might not even have books and the chairs there are awful."  

—Tom Jenks, ZimZalla


‘Who knew there would be such an epic backstory to the Poem Atlas logo? It’s very exciting that archaeologists have uncovered this brand-new piece of mythology, which was clearly carved into slabs of stone by the ancients, along with gorgeous cubic illustrations. In Auditioning for Poem Atlas, we learn the true story of what the logo represents, via some surprising twists and turns and a very enjoyable satire on bureaucracy and committee culture."—Emma Wright, The Emma Press

Auditioning for Poem Atlas​ by Astra Papachristodoulou and John Kilburn

  • 50 printed colour pages 

    148 x 210 mm

    Launched: December 2020

    ISBN: 978-1-8383206-0-7

    First edition of 90

    Poem Atlas (London)

  • A limited edition pamphlet by Astra Papachristodoulou and John Kilburn that reveals the story behind Poem Atlas' playful logo. Will the Olympian deities find cure to an unexplainable wave of boredom? This pamphlet marks the first in-house publication of Poem Atlas.

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