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A limited edition object poem inspired by the well-known Tic Tac mints. The sweets have been replaced with same-sized pill capsules to challenge the addictive factor of sugary snacks and their animated advertising.

Tic Toc

Astra Papachristodoulou




Object poem

First edition of 30

6.3 x 3.7 cm

Launched: 26 June 2021

Poem Atlas  (London)

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£25 UK (plus £2.00 P&P)

£25 EU (plus £5.50 P&P

£25 World (plus £7.50 P&P)

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A tiny object poem that replaced the mints of the famous brand with same-sized pill capsules to challenge the advertising of sugary foods. 


Inspired by work produced by Stephen Emmerson and Tom Jenks, this box of edible pill capsules challenges our current landscape of consumerism and advertising.

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