Poem Atlas is an event series and network for individuals who are interested in object poetry and neo-futurist poetics. This project aims to showcase the best of visual and experimental poetry in the UK and beyond, focussing on the work of poets who explore the performative aspect of tangible poems, and merge poetry and visual art to create unique visual-textual objects.

Interested to contribute your work in one of our online exhibitions? Please follow this link for our submissions page.

A bit like Titan Atlas, the poet can be the beholder of extraordinary things

Poem Atlas has borrowed its name from the hononymous Titan in Greek Mythology who was condemned to stand at the edge of the world and hold the entire sky in his arms until the end of time. A bit like the Titan Atlas, the poet has the potential to be the beholder of extraordinary things, such as object poems, that can attribute for some of the most exciting forms in contemporary poetry."